About Us

Meritage Partners (“Meritage”) is a multifaceted advisory firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions, capital advisory, and strategic exit planning, with a focus on the low to mid markets. Our exceptional team boasts a wide range of expertise from entrepreneurs, investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, law, and accounting, collectively amassing over 130 years of experience. With deep-rooted backgrounds in private equity, encompassing roles as investors and trusted advisors, we have actively contributed to transactions exceeding $2 billion in enterprise value.

This wealth of experience empowers Meritage to offer comprehensive and customized guidance tailored to each client’s unique industry and circumstances. Our client base includes privately-held businesses spanning diverse industries across North America. Meritage provides an all-encompassing suite of services covering the entire transaction lifecycle. From initial assessments, valuations, and the identification of value drivers to the development of robust go-to-market strategies, precise deal origination, thorough due diligence, meticulous deal structuring, skilled negotiation facilitation, and seamless post-merger integration, we offer expert guidance and support at every phase.

Strategic Markets

We operate under a disciplined approach to provide our Clients with the experience and proven knowledge demanded to achieve a successful merger or acquisition within their respective industries.

Client Concentration

We concentrate on building mutually beneficial relationships with our Clients.

Focused Marketing

We target companies with revenues up to $150.0 Million and with EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization) greater than $2.0 Million (No Minimums for Add-On Acquisitions).

Proprietary Process

We engage with Clients in industries relevant to our network of acquirers.

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