Architecture, Engineering & Construction: Building Our Future for the Post-COVID World

Scott Stepanik — September 03, 2020
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At this point, you’re probably frustrated hearing about COVID-19 and how it has and will continue to affect the US economy. I understand it’s a frustrating issue to navigate through; each week that passes seems to be more and more demoralizing. Despite the frustration and the uncertainty, the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (“AEC”) industry continues to flourish with new infrastructure expected to be ordered by the US Government to boost the economy and create jobs for a distressed employment market.

Additionally, in the wake of harrowing wildfires, heat waves, and blackouts, a substantial amount of spending is expected to go towards growing/improving the United States’ infrastructure. In order to combat global climate shifts and rise in natural disasters, new infrastructure must be created/improved in order to grow and sustain our communities for a better tomorrow.

An estimated $400+ billion in infrastructure spending is expected to be ordered by the Federal Government over the next several years with investment focuses on roads, bridges, education, and green energy. Mary Daly, the President of San Francisco’s Federal Reserve stated, “We have to build a bridge to help shore people up so that when we emerge from the crisis, we are well prepared to continue to grow.”

Meritage Partners is a multi-disciplined mergers and acquisitions advisory firm serving the lower-middle markets. Meritage is a seasoned advisor for those in the AEC industry, currently managing over five clients in the AEC industry currently on the market.

Meritage has just announced a new client in the Municipal Engineering sector that is now on the market:

Should you wish you inquire about this opportunity or have any questions or an interest in learning more about Meritage Partners and our clients, please contact Jacob Franco (Director of Business Development) at or 949-464-8722.

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