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Pacific Cornerstone Architects’ Journey with Meritage Partners with Tim Schulze

In today's episode of the Private Capital Mastery podcast, Brian Franco hosted Tim Schultz from Pacific Cornerstone Architects to discuss the successful merger of their firm with Head Design, facilitated by Meritage Partners. Tim shared insights into his retirement and the tailored merger process, emphasizing the importance of relationships and the company's future.

Private Capital Mastery

Welcome to "Private Capital Mastery," your essential guide to unraveling the intricacies of the private capital markets. If you're an ambitious founder or entrepreneur, we're dedicated to simplifying the complex world of private capital to help manifest your vision. 
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Understanding the Impact of Company Culture on Business Success with Rick Girard

In this podcast episode, host Brian Franco and guest Rick Girard explore the vital role company culture plays in hiring and business success. They discuss the pitfalls of hiring without considering core values, the consequences of bad hires, and the benefits of a purpose-driven approach. Drawing from his headhunting experience, Rick emphasizes aligning values and behaviors to build a cohesive team. They also touch on how culture influences investor attraction and due diligence.