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Scott Stepanik — October 28, 2013
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Company Type: Manufacturing and Distribution

Industry Sector: Services

Financial Criteria

Ebitda $ 2,000,000
Revenue $ 10,000,000

Industry Preference

  • Companies based in the Western U.S.
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Consumer Products

Key Business Characteristics

Characteristics of companies that Crosse Partners will consider include:

  • Definable, understandable and scalable business model;
  • Well developed and growing markets;
  • Proven products/processes, unique competitive advantages and opportunities to grow both internally and through acquisition;
  • Operating margins in excess of 10%; and
  • Viable exit strategies.
  • Up to $10MM investment
  • EBITDA up to $2.5MM

Investment Structure

A private equity firm specializing in acquistions, leveraged buyout, management buyouts, generation transitions, and family recapitalizations of small to middle market companies.

Contact Information

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