Dr. Aaron U. Levy

Dr. Aaron U. Levy


Founder/ CEO of ETV Global, Inc.

Dr. Levy is a partner with Meritage Partners and the CEO of ETV Global, Inc. He specializes in organizational development, restructuring and financial modeling to increase valuations of companies for potential mergers and acquisitions and in the development and execution of effective strategies to achieve sustainable profitable growth.

A value driven turnaround CEO, an innovative technologist, and a published author with global experience, Dr. Levy served as chairman, CEO, president, and director at several publicly traded technology firms and privately held companies in a wide range of industries ranging from early stage and up to $125 million in annual sales with $1 billion in valuation. These include but not limited to high tech, manufacturing, fiber-optics, telecommunication, digital printing, software, aviation and aerospace, healthcare and medical devices, retail and consumer, food distribution, apparel, media and entertainment, real estate and hospitality.

With over 25 years of career experience, Dr. Levy generated close to $500 million with a combination of annual products sales, mergers & acquisitions, shareholder’s value and manufacturing. He led strategic turnaround and restructuring, M&A, innovative product development, manufacturing and global sales and marketing. He designed and marketed numerous products. These included infrared magnetic card readers, printer networking solutions, software for electronic forms, bar coding, and character recognition, (MICR) check printing software; communication and memory cards for portable applications.

A holder of a U.S patent for memory stacking manufacturing process, Dr. Levy is also the author of Digital Printing, published by Interquest in 2004 and Non-Impact Electronic Printing first published by Interquest in 1993. His doctoral research on decision making of CEOs was published by ProQuest in 2010. An elected member of Young President Organization (YPO) since 1993, Dr. Levy was a member of three YPO chapters.

He holds a Ph.D. in Management with specialization in leadership and organizational change, a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Dr. Levy served in the military, he is an avid aviator and an FAA certified commercial pilot and flight instructor for complex instrument multi-engine aircrafts.