Medical Device Manufacturing

Scott Stepanik — October 28, 2013
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Company Type: Medical Device Manufacturing

Industry Sector: HEALTHCARE

Financial Criteria

Ebitda $ 5,000,000
Revenue $ 20,000,000

Industry Preference

Manufacturing Medical Devices

Key Business Characteristics

  • Stable or recurring revenue
  • Identifiable growth opportunities
  • Sustainable margins
  • High returns on invested capital
  • Significant barriers to entry
  • Simple, understandable businesses
  • Non-cyclical industries


Management is the single most important element of any business. We seek to partner with owners and managers who have proven track records and exhibit a desire to repeat and improve upon past successes. We look for owners and managers with clear visions for growth and the ability to implement ambitious plans. Providing our owners and/or senior managers with attractive compensation programs and incentivebased options is an integral part of our investment philosophy.


In our view, the most attractive investment opportunities consist of businesses that have shown consistent historical growth. As an investment partner, we work with management to continue that growth and help find ways to accelerate it.[/toggle]

Investment Structure

Our flexibility goes hand in hand with our desire to build a meaningful partnership. We seek to structure deals that meet the objectives of all parties involved. Previous deals have included compensation in the form of cash, earn-out, seller note, equity rollover and profit sharing. Transaction structures have included majority and minority investments in the form of asset purchases, stock purchases and recapitalizations. We are particularly experienced in creating a structure that minimizes taxes and align the incentives of owners, managers and employees.

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