“I would recommend Meritage Partners, Inc. for its professionalism, sophistication, resourcefulness and creativity. They introduced another level of acquirers’ for my company that I never considered. To top it all their process increased the value of my company above and beyond their consultation fees.”

P. Mwangi • President,CEO of QMP


“I handle Business Sale Escrows and Meritage Partners, Inc. has great communication with their escrows from beginning to the end. I have come to know this firm with the highest degree of honesty, integrity, dedication and professionalism.”

K. Moore • Sr. Escrow Officer 


“I would like to take this time to thank you for your assistance in selling my company. Prior to our first contact, I had no real interest in selling. Then you called me with a qualified buyer…The procedures were fully explained to me during the entire process. That reinforced my confidence in you as a representative of my company throughout the transaction. I felt like you had my best interest in mind during the entire process.”P. DiBlasi

P. DiBlasi • President 


“As a seasoned business owner that has bought and sold several business, it is very important that I choose the right professionals to be associated with my business transactions. After interviewing several Business Intermediaries I was immediately drawn and appealed to your knowledge of our industry and the process that Meritage Partners, Inc. incorporates into the buying and selling aspect of business acquisitions. It was evident that your company’s processes are successful due to the immediate draw of buyers that your firm brought to the negotiating table. Due to your firms screening and pre-qualification process I was able to meet several Qualified Buyers. Throughout the transaction Meritage Partners, Inc. was very involved with the negotiating, financing, and closing with the escrow company which allowed me to run and operate my business without interruption. Overall I’m very pleased with the performance of Meritage Partners, Inc. and I highly recommend your firm to companies and individuals looking to buy or sell a business opportunity.”D. Padua

D. Padua • President of RTD 


“Your company made our purchase transactions, or should I say life transition perfect. First, you took the opportunity to explain the buying process. You specifically explained to me the financing aspects of the acquisition. While assisting in obtaining my loan you gave me a comprehensive explanation of the company I was purchasing. This put my mind at ease about how I would be able to live off the prospective companies’ income. Meritage’s ability to structure a profitable acquisition for both parties left the seller’s and I in a strong position for our futures. In fact, our last to transactions with you were so profitable that we are seeking a third company. The seller’s and I still have an excellent relationship thanks to your astute understanding of both our needs.”

J. Vach Jr. • CEO of RTS


Meritage Partners is one of the most professional groups of intermediaries we work with. Their packages are well organized, complete and informative

B. Hammond • VP at Pacific Capital Bank 


“I love your deal summary/response system. This may be the most efficient tool I have seen in 20 years of responding to intermediary friends…”

Glenn Oken • Managing Director, Mangrove Equity Partners, LLC 


“Meritage has done a fantastic job of introducing us to companies.We have truly been impressed with their professionalism and their ability to proactively find companies of interest in sectors we want to make investments in. In summary, I would highly recommend working with Meritage. Not only are they very professional in their dealings with Alpine and companies, they have proved their ability to hunt down opportunities that others cannot find. We certainly look forward to continuing our relationship with Meritage in the future.”

Matthew Picciano • Alpine Investors, L.P. 


“I have been fortunate to work with Brian Franco and the team at Meritage Partners, and have been extremely pleased with the interactions we’ve had to-date. Meritage has consistently brought intriguing opportunities to our attention that fit comfortably within our firm’s stated investment criteria…and has proven tireless in their efforts to drive a transaction from initial review to close.”

David Briedis • Trivest Partners, L.P.


“I have worked with the Meritage Partners team for the past year and have been extremely impressed with our experience. Every time that I think I know all of the companies in my space, Meritage brings another qualified company to my attention and makes an introduction. In working with Meritage to identify opportunities on the buy side, I have been particularly impressed with their: Proactive approach to sourcing, Ability to quickly get their arms around specific sectors, Professional and thorough follow-through on all opportunities, Understanding of our acquisition criteria. I cannot recommend the team at Meritage highly enough.”Andrew A. Mowat

Andrew A. Mowat • Alpine Investors, L.P.


“I am pleased to write this recommendation…If you are considering an acquisition, I highly recommend working with Meritage Partners.”

Scott Mitchell • President of Longspur Holdings Ltd.


“I have no hesitation recommending Meritage Partners for any acquisition/divestment assignment. We would certainly use them in the future.”

Nizar Alibhai • Chairman of Acorn Packaging 


“It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Craig Trask and Meritage Partners…The decision to retain Craig and Meritage as the advisor for this acquisition was made after interviewing both large national merger and acquisition firms and small individual brokers. In our opinion and for our purposes Craig and Meritage clearly distinguished themselves as the best qualified for the project. Now that we have completed this acquisition, I can state empathetically, without any reservation the decision to retain Craig and Meritage was the best and without their assistance neither the conclusion or terms of the final deal would have been so successful. …I can offer no other conclusion and recommendation than to say you will not be disappointed with the decision to employ Meritage.”

David Carrozza, CLS • President of The Lab


“I can honestly say we’ve never had a better experience working with an intermediary than we have had work with Meritage Partners.”

K. Findley, Esq. • Attorney 


“I couldn’t have done this deal without Meritage, they were invaluable. Not only did he get the purchase price up to double what (the buyer) had been offering me but he helped fight what turned out to be an arduous battle to close the deal. I thought I could do this deal without Meritage, but I could not have completed the deal without them. They earned their fee many times over, both literally and figuratively. As to my level of satisfaction, it couldn’t be higher. They are honest, ethical, hardworking, and fun to deal with. I look forward to knowing (the Broker) for years to come though I don’t ever plan to sell another lab. Meritage Partners gets my highest recommendation.”

Michael Myhre, MD • President of IDX Pathology

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